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5 for Friday – Gardens

I’m not big on flowers, mainly because I’m sensitive to all sorts of pollen, so if I enjoy strolling through a garden, it must be pretty good, in my opinion. Here are a few that are worth visiting.

1. Keukenhof Garden, Lisse, Netherlands
This is the only garden I’ve ever planned an entire trip around, making a special trip to the Netherlands from England just so I could spend a day frolicking amongst the tulips. It was worth it! Tulips are my favourite flower because they are hypoallergenic, thorn-less, and they grow in neat rows as opposed to, for instance, messy rose bushes. And there they were in abundance, in all colours of the rainbow at Keukenhof. I was so excited I didn’t realise until now, years later, that my photos from there are mainly close-ups. I wish I had taken a few wider angle photos to show you the technicolour carpets you can expect to see there each year from late March to mid May.


2. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada
My first visit to Butchart Gardens was the complete opposite of Keukenhof. I had joined a day tour to Victoria from Vancouver with no idea of what to expect out of my day. It was winter, yet even then, I could see how beautiful the gardens must be in spring or summer when the flowers are all in bloom. There was never a doubt that I would re-visit the garden when next I returned to Vancouver in the summer time. And I was right! From the Sunken Garden to the Mediterranean Garden, Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, and even ice skating, carollers and lights at Christmas, there is something for everyone and in every season at Butchart Gardens.

The Sunken Garden

3. Garden of Versailles, France
This is another garden that I would love to see in spring or summer. It was autumn when I visited Versailles, so the flowers weren’t in full bloom, but the meticulously trimmed lawns, hedges and trees were still a sight to behold. If there’s one thing the Parisians do well, it’s perfect symmetry, and the gardens at Versailles are the epitome in symmetrical perfectly manicured gardens.


4. Bellagio Garden, Las Vegas, USA
I love fairy tales and tales of whimsy, so it was little surprise that the Bellagio Garden delighted me no end with the giant ladybugs and bees made entirely of flowers, not to mention the little gazebos and hot air balloons. I’m not sure if this is what it looks like permanently, or whether the display changes seasonally, but you can be sure I’ll go and check it out if I find myself in that part of the world again.


5. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
I already waxed lyrical about what a pleasant surprise awaited me when I decided to visit these Singapore gardens recently. To reiterate, please don’t miss the Cloud Forest and the evening Garden Rhapsody. For more details, please look here.


What are your favourite gardens that you’ve visited? Do let me know which ones I should add to my list for future visits.

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2 comments on “5 for Friday – Gardens

  1. redandfound
    October 23, 2014

    This is a good idea! 🙂

    For Red and Found, I’m thinking…
    1. Music video every Friday to wrap up the week – something that has to do with anything red, of course 🙂
    2. Imagining red – For Mondays. To start the week in a playful mood. I’m thinking of using real objects and then jazzing them up, e.g. drawing a string on a plain wall and suspending a red apple so that it looks like the red apple is a red balloon.

    What do you think?


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