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I’m on Facebook!

I’ve been learning all about social media on Blogging 201 October 2014.

On Day 1, we were asked to record 3 goals for our blogs. Being my usual greedy self, I put down not 3, not 4, but FIVE goals! In my defence, they weren’t overly ambitious though. They were:
1) to gain more followers. I don’t know what’s realistic. Maybe 100 by the end of next year?
2) to have someone other than one of my friends (i.e. a stranger) tell me they found one of my posts useful for their own travels, or ask me a specific question that I can address on my blog
3) to consistently blog about my upcoming travels through the German Christmas markets this December! I only started blogging 1 month ago, so have never blogged “on the road” before, and expect it may be harder to find the time while travelling?
4) to learn how to add text to photos
5) to set up a a Facebook page for my blog if I reach 50 followers.

Well, I can now tick 4 off the list, and am wondering if maybe I can reach 100 followers by the end of THIS year instead of next? Even if I don’t, I’m pretty happy to be close to 40 followers now, so when one of the latest tasks was to “dig deep into a social network“, I decided it was time to fast track number 5 as well.

So without further ado, here it is – my new Facebook page on which I hope to achieve goal number 3 later this year for quick updates even if I can’t find the time to do longer posts. It’s pretty sparse at the moment, but I hope it’ll look more exciting after December. Do check it out if you’d like to follow me on my upcoming trips!

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