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Perth – Gusto Gelato

So last night I found a little scoop (OK, maybe 2) of Heaven in sleepy ol’ Perth.

Situated smack bang in the middle of the trendy cafe district of Leederville, owner Sean Lee could not have picked a better spot to open his gelateria around 2 weeks ago. Having heard my blogging sister rave about this place (she’s been there at least half a dozen times since it opened despite living South of the river!), I decided to forego the in house desserts at Low Key Chow House in favour of my all time favourite dessert – ice-cream! What a great decision that turned out to be, and no doubt one that will be oft repeated in future!

Sean actually graduated from a gelato university in Italy, a fact that he is no doubt very proud of, reiterating to me a couple of times that they strive to make it just as the Italians do.

The gelato is made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients, hand blended, chilled, then brought straight out to the freezer for scooping. The bowls in the freezer are fairly small in size, which means one batch doesn’t go far. You know what that means? The gelato has no time to form ice crystals, resulting in just about the creamiest, smoothest ice-cream I have ever tasted. Certainly in Perth at least. Just look at it!

Smooth, smooth, smooth

The menu sports your usual suspects like chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut, with a few slightly more unusual flavours like chai and apple pie, and some dairy free options like pineapple and mint, and lemon, lime and bitters.


As usual, I could not go past the salted caramel, and the gusto, a peanut gelato with a chocolate swirl and chunks of brownie. Mmm… I also tasted the decadent dark chocolate, which really was decadent, as well as the strawberry with dark chocolate, made with at least 40% fresh strawberries!


At present, there are plenty of seats both inside and out, but the shop is a little small and may get crowded over time as it inevitably becomes the talk of the town. There are even viewing seats at the back, where you can watch Sean at work.


This is how we blend it

$5 for 1 scoop, $8 for 2 scoops.
You can also get takeaway tubs, but if you ask me, it’s probably best if eaten in store. Why? The gelato will partially melt between the store and home. Which is fine if you’re planning to devour the entire tub in one sitting – perfectly understandable! But if you put it back in the freezer, you may get ice crystals, which may compromise the texture.

Monday-Sunday 11am to late.

Getting there:
741 Newcastle St (next to Jus Burgers).

You may have gathered that I take my ice-cream seriously. In fact, I once famously walked halfway back to my hotel, only to turn around again so that I could get myself a second scoop of ice-cream because it was only the best ice-cream I had ever had and darn it if I didn’t discover it until my last night in San Francisco, so what’s a girl to do? (That’s a story for another day.) I love ice-cream so much that I bought a $2000 machine mainly for the purposes of making my own ice-cream with the highest quality freshest ingredients free of preservatives. But my Thermomix may well have become obsolete because I’m telling you – I have just discovered the BEST ice-cream in Perth. As my blogging sister said, it sure gives Gelato Messina over in the eastern states a run for its money.

Other info:
Check out (and like) their Facebook page!
Also, I’d like to emphasise that, although Sean is very friendly, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and unbiased.

So go on, treat yourself to a scoop (or 2 or 3!) today. I’ve already decided what flavours I’m going to order on my next visit…

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7 comments on “Perth – Gusto Gelato

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  2. maying
    November 11, 2014

    Hi ah heah! Enjoying your blog so far. Speaking of san fran, can u please blog about your experience in USA when u get the chance? Thanks! šŸ™‚

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  4. Alysha Anema
    July 1, 2017

    Hi, I am doing a project on Gusto Gelato as I am a graphic design student and noticed your blog post. Would it be okay to use some of the photo’s you took for my project and credit you? Please let me know. Thanks


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