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Perth – Chu Bakery

I first read about Chu Bakery about a month ago, and immediately knew I just HAD to sink my teeth into their kaya (Malaysian coconut jam) croissant. That very weekend, I turned up at roughly 10.30-10.45am…only to find out they had ALREADY sold out of croissants even at that early hour!

Luckily, Chu Bakery have a wide range of other delectable treats to tempt even the most discerning of palates, including choux puffs, eclairs, tarts, open toasts, toasties and doughnuts. It was one of those rare instances where I was actually grateful for the long queue ahead of me, as it gave me more time to ponder one of life’s great dilemmas – which pastry should I order when they all look so tempting and mouthwatering?

It sure was a tough decision, so in the end, I decided there was only 1 solution to the problem – order not one but TWO goodies. Naturally, I couldn’t go past their matcha yuzu Chu puff. To accompany it, I also ordered a Boston cream doughnut and a 120z long macchiato ($4.50) topped up.

Chu Bakery is mainly a takeaway spot, with only a few benches but no tables both inside and out to perch on whilst you wait for your coffee and/or toast. Driving home with my goodies alongside me, I was struck by the comforting chocolate-y aroma of the coffee. Purists may not be a fan, but I enjoyed the mellow caramel notes.

However, that was some time towards the end of September. On my last visit in mid October, my coffee had a slight bitter aftertaste that I didn’t particularly enjoy. I’m not sure whether it’s because they’re now using a different blend, or whether it was just a once off, perhaps from burning the beans – hopefully the latter.

The stand out at Chu Bakery is for sure their matcha yuzu Chu puff. The pastry is fluffy and filled with a delicious green tea cream and a surprise yuzu jelly centre that adds a contrasting texture as well as a touch of acidity. It is beautifully executed, and reminded me of the Japanese inspired pastries at Sadaharu Aoki in Paris.

Similar in concept but not as elegant in flavour is the chocolate rose raspberry Chu puff. I feel the chocolate is too heavy and at odds with instead of complementing the light and summery flavours of rose and raspberry. Where the matcha puff was a delightful reminder of Paris, the chocolate rose puff instead made me yearn for Pierre Herme’s Ispahan, which masterfully combines rose and raspberry with lychee instead of chocolate.

Having heard rave reviews from a few friends, I sampled both the Boston cream doughnut as well as the cinnamon doughnut ($3). On 2 separate occasions, I must stress!

I can’t say I particularly love either of them myself, but like I said, other people have enjoyed them, so if you love doughnuts, you should probably try them and make up your own mind. The cinnamon doughnut reminded me of those packs of doughnuts you can get from Woolworth’s, except with a lighter, less cake-y texture and a stronger cinnamon flavour, which is NOT a good thing in my books. The Boston cream doughnut was too sickeningly sweet and rich for me.

The croissants, however, are quite easily among the best I’ve tasted in Perth.

Not only do they look beautiful and inviting, they are deliciously buttery with a lovely hint of crispness, almost like a puff pastry to bite into. They also come in a range of exciting flavours like the aforementioned kaya coconut ($5.20), as well as raspberry almond ($6) and chocolate hazelnut ($6.50).

I’ve tried all 3, and believe me, they’re ALL good! However, they’re not stingy with the fillings, which means the chocolate hazelnut croissant is the sweetest and richest, and therefore probably best shared with someone. This means that I favour the kaya coconut and raspberry almond, but it sure is hard to pick a clear winner between those 2!

I guess it depends on whether or not you enjoy Asian inspired flavours.

If you turn up before 2pm, the staff at Chu Bakery can also whip up a range of sweet and savoury open toasts and toasties.

The kaya banana coconut toast ($6) consists of a thick slice of bread slathered over with a generous serve of kaya and topped with slices of banana and a sprinkling of coconut flakes.

Simplicity embodied, yet what makes this such a delicious treat is the bread itself, which toasts beautifully to give a nicely crunchy crust whilst remaining pillowy soft in the centre.

Just as tasty is the hummus cucumber chilli toast ($6).

The hummus could have a slightly saltier and more garlicky flavour, but nevertheless, I enjoyed the contrast of the creamy hummus with the freshness of the cucumber, not to mention the slight kick that comes from the chilli.

Tues-Sun 7am-4pm

The staff at Chu bakery seem to have stepped up operations since my first visit when croissants were sold out before 11am. Every other time I’ve been there thereafter at roughly the same time, there have been plenty of croissants and other treats to choose from.

Getting there:
498 William St, Highgate, Perth, Western Australia

Chu Bakery is ideally situated just across the road from Hyde Park – perfect for taking away a few treats and coffee for a peaceful picnic in the park with friends.

There’s plenty of street parking in the vicinity, too.

It’s just over a month since I first visited Chu Bakery, and I’ve already been back a further 3 times! This should give you an idea of how obsessed I am with this new little corner bakery. There are still so many tasty treats I’d like to sample, including the almond croissant, strawberries and cream tart, ham and cheese toastie, praline eclair, ham and brie roll, and more!

Chu Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Have you visited Chu Bakery yet? Which are your favourite pastries? What should I order next time?

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2 comments on “Perth – Chu Bakery

  1. Rita Selvarat
    October 18, 2015

    Kaya!! Yummmmmm….. There was this chinese restaurant in Kulai, Johor, where I come from. In the mornings, they serve Roti Kaya with Butter. They toast their white thick bread lightly and slather on kaya and butter, it oozes! The center is so soft and moist and the outside just slightly crunchy! It was so heavenly and I miss eating those. The Kaya banana coconut toast looks so good! Wish we have a cafe like that here in New York!

    Liked by 1 person

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