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Brisbane day out: Wynnum Wading Pool – A tale of 2 princesses

6 months in, I can finally say that I’m glad I made the move to Brisbane. Being able to share in all the little moments of my nieces’ lives has made my own life all the more fulfilling and rewarding. I feel a lot more content being at home now, instead of just living from 1 holiday to the next. Not that the feeling of wanderlust has left me, mind you. I think I am destined to roam the world for as long as I am able to. But I am now also able to enjoy the little pockets of adventure that can be found in one’s own backyard.

The benefit of having 2 curious and easily bored nieces is that my brother and sister-in-law are always challenged to find new things for them to do. I’m more than happy to go along for the ride each weekend.

This week, we decided to check out the Wynnum Wading Pool, a heritage listed tidal pool built on the foreshore of Moreton Bay in Wynnum in the 1930s. The pool fills with sea water at high tide, and is a good spot for paddling at low tide, with ample theatre style seating to lounge on around the reservoir.

As soon as we exited the car, we were hit by wafts of the sea, and not the good kind. I’m talking about the smell of rotting seaweed and other detritus that had washed up onto the shore. Undeterred, we pressed on, unable to stifle our giggles at Little Miss E’s horrified expression, complete with scrunched up nose and protests of, “It’s not funny!” How I long to take her to Malaysia and feed her the king of fruits one day!

Nevertheless, girls were all kinds of excited when they caught sight of the pool and couldn’t get their bathing suits on quickly enough. As we drew near, however, it soon became evident that it was showing signs of its age. Miss E peered into the greenish murky depths of the water and glanced uncertainly at the algae encrusted on the wall before shaking her head firmly, arms crossed, and stating emphatically, “I don’t think I want to go in that water.”

Luckily, just around the corner from the pool, there is a playground and adjacent water park. Though evidently not quite their cup of tea, the ropes course is particularly impressive, I thought.

Filled with renewed excitement, the girls trotted off in a hurry to the pod of blue whales intermittently spouting water.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before their whale was hijacked. Quite frankly, my nieces seem to attract a lot of attention from young boys, and his attempts to impress them with higher and higher water jets by restricting the diameter of the whale’s blowhole seemed to be no different than other ardourous endeavours I had previously encountered. Given, his efforts quickly took a turn from cute to vulgar when he decided to sit instead of stand atop the blowhole, legs apart. The look of disdain on Miss E’s face was one to give any member of royalty a run for their money. Aah…young love…

Their body language says it all!

“I want my own whale!” she protested, again with arms crossed. It was at this point we realised that we really did have a little princess on our hands. Frustrated at the rough play and noise from the older children, the girls soon scampered off to the less crowded and more peaceful water play area for toddlers. This kept them occupied for all of about 5 minutes, before Miss M proclaimed that she was getting cold.

After we had dried them off, the girls decided to venture into the playground. Miss M, no less of a princess than her sister, barely took 2 steps before she ran back, complaining about the coarseness of the sand on her feet. So, off to the swings it was, where her feet could remain off the ground and free of dirt.

We rounded off the day by taking a stroll partway along the jetty and along the beach.

Here, Miss M was so delighted by the jellyfish along the shoreline that she forgot her distaste of substandard sand.


Miss E, on the other hand, stood by the edge of the water, which was stained a reddish brown colour by the detritus floating within it, and again turned up her nose. Though she would have dearly loved to participate in jellyfish hunting, no amount of coaxing could convince her to get her feet into the water!

“Oh well, we tried,” my brother sighed as we walked back towards where our car was parked. Yet, as we crossed the road, Miss E piped up with great delight, “Can we come again next week?” Kids – go figure!
 What? Wynnum Wading Pool and Waterpark

Where? Wynnum Esplanade

How? 30 minutes’ drive east from the Brisbane CBD

When? Hot, fine summer days

Who? Families and anyone else who enjoys sitting by the beach

Why? With the beach, a pool, a water park and a well equipped playground all next to each other, there’s plenty to keep the kids occupied for at least half a day. We didn’t venture into the town centre, but if you get hungry, there are several cafes in the vicinity that seem worth a look, including The Rabbit Hole Cafe, Little Gnome (because I often pick places I’d like to eat at based on the name – yes, really!), and Colossal Cafe.

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